Illinois Eviction Moratorium to be Extended Again

Landlord’s Left Wondering Why Admit it.  You didn’t think he would do it, did you?  You were losing faith.  Well, he sure showed you.  Aided this time by political cover from the Sheriff of Cook County, the Governor Pritzker has indicated that he is going to extend the eviction moratorium that was set to expire … Read more

What CAN a landlord in Chicago do?


During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, I’ve been asked perhaps thousands of times in one way or another “what rights does a Chicago landlord have right now”?  The quick answer is VERY FEW.  Nonetheless, such a short answer is trite and unhelpful.  So, maybe we can help to clear things up.  There are a number of laws, local rules, and orders that are governing the situation for landlords in Chicago right now.  I’ve distilled them into a flowchart that might help to untangle the mess.

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Illinois Evictions Now Prohibited Until July 26, 2020

Forgive the clickbait (it’s a Monday!).  Despite the Governor’s verbal promises on June 17, 2020 to extend his previous ban on the commencement of any residential eviction lawsuit and ban on enforcement of commercial or residential eviction orders to July 31, 2020, the Governor instead enacted Executive Order 2020-44 which extends the authority in Executive … Read more

Interesting Landlord-Tenant Updates

Well, today was a busy day at City Hall.  The Governor also got into the act.  Here are some quick hits on what happened today.

As expected, today, the City Council passed the Mayor’s Eviction Protection Ordinance.  The Ordinance puts a plan in place for 60 days after Governor Pritzker lifts his ban on evictions (Executive Order 2020-30).  The City’s press release can be found here.

Shortly thereafter, Governor Pritzker said

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Details of Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago Eviction Moratorium

UPDATE: the City has released the official text of the ordinance

The Mayor asked you landlords to give tenants some grace.  She is now imposing grace upon you.  So much for your housing solidarity pledge.  Apparently, you landlords can’t be trusted to give grace voluntarily.  The City of Chicago Housing Committee met this afternoon (6/15/2020) and after about three hours of debate, passed the Mayor’s Covid-19 “Eviction Protection Ordinance” on to the full City Council for a vote on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 10am.  This is a new Chicago ordinance that will apply to residential (not commercial) properties.  We have what we think is an early copy of the law.  So, based on that, let’s take a dive into what is likely to pass into law on Wednesday (6/17/2020).

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Looks like we will see a “Just Cause” for Eviction Ordinance Unveiled Monday???

Old Ordinance Makes a Comeback

FURTHER UPDATE: Look at the post above.

UPDATE: It looks like the law proposed will be some form of the mayor’s cooling off period procedure we discussed here a few weeks ago.

Cook County real estate reporter Alex Nitkin (@AlexNitkin) of The Daily Line reports on his twitter feed that Chicago Alderman expect a briefing today on what has been touted as the “Eviction Protection Ordinance” believed by some to be a re-hash of former Alderman Proco Joe Moreno’s “never quite got off the ground” Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance. 

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Gov. Pritzker extends eviction moratorium

Illinois continues eviction shutdown UPDATE: The moratorium is now extended to July 26, 2020. You didn’t think you would get off that easy, did you Mr. Landlord?  Nope.  As expected, evictions will not resume on Monday of next week.  Instead, the governor’s Executive Order 30 prohibiting evictions was extended bay way of Executive Order 39 … Read more