Happy Birthday

What a year – So much damage done

It was one year ago tomorrow on March 20, 2021 that, buy executive order, Governor J.B. Pritzker changed the lives of Illinois housing providers by enacting a moratorium on residential evictions.  Since then, like clockwork, the Governor has extended the prohibition 30 days at a time, this last time up until April 2, 2021.  And while tenants’ rights

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More details on the Governor’s Extension of the Eviction Moratorium

As reported earlier today, J.B. Pritzker again extended the eviction moratorium by another thirty days, this time with an extension to April 3, 2021.  Note that April 3, 2021 is a Saturday, so the moratorium is really in place to Monday, April 5, 2021 (The Gov really is a tricky guy).  The Governor today signed executive order 2021-05 which both extended the moratorium and also made one additional change to the procedures for evictions.

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Eviction moratorium to extend into April

Continuing the trend of extending the executive order prohibiting most residential evictions for “just 30 more days”, CBS is reporting Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker will once again extend the Illinois eviction moratorium for one more month.  Of course, we knew he would do this.  Have a great weekend landlords.

Supreme Court issues Orders affecting evictions

Three Illinois Supreme Court Orders

Yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court entered three new general orders related to eviction proceedings and the Covid-19 pandemic.  As reported by a local NBC affiliate, these changes come as a result of the work of the Illinois Judicial Conference Court Operations During COVID-19 Task Force and are in anticipation of the return of the eviction system at the end of the various Covid moratoriums.  Let’s review them.

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Quick Update

As expected, over the weekend (2-5-2021) the Governor extended the eviction moratorium for another 30 days to March 6, 2021.  This was a huge surprise said no one ever.  It is worth noting that no changes were made to the eviction procedures from past orders.

CDC signals Biden-era extension of eviction moratorium

2021 continues to look bleak for landlords

In a media statement released yesterday by CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium will again be extended – this time until “at least” March 31, 2021.  Housing providers in Illinois should be concerned that this will be another application of “death by a thousand cuts” and the CDC will be back for an extension before all is said and done.    Early indications from President Joe Biden have pointed to a federal ban on evictions until September 30, 2021.

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Well, some evictions can be filed…

Are evictions still banned?

UPDATE: The governor has issued a number of executive orders amending this original order.  This article should not be relied upon as current law.

One of my readers was quick to provide me with a copy of the Governor’s new executive order before it is available to the general public on the web, so here’s a breakdown.

For reasons that will become clear in a moment, let’s start in Section 2 which is going to provide the main rule for residential eviction filings.  The new order, known as Executive Order 2020

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Governor to allow SOME residential evictions

Relief for Landlords?

At his daily Covid-19 briefing, Illinois’ Governor addressed the residential eviction moratorium set to expire tomorrow, November 14, 2020.  The Governor announced that, once again, he will extend the moratorium on residential evictions for another 30 days.  The Governor qualified this indicating that the moratorium would apply only to renters who earn less than $90,000 in annual income or $198,000 for joint filers.  Obviously, we will have to wait to get a copy of the actual executive order, (UPDATE: We now have

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Ten Opportunities for Illinois Landlords While Evictions are Shut Down

Need something to do?

I’m tired.  I’m tired of explaining to landlords about all of the bad things that have happened to landlords during the course of this pandemic.  Throughout the last seven months, government – at every level – has waged a war on housing providers.  They’re an easy target.  The press and the public have no sympathy for landlords.  It’s an uphill battle.  It can be depressing and I’m getting tired of explaining all day long what landlords can’t do.  But, let’s talk about something positive today. 

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