Chicago eviction attorneys

Chicago Tenant Eviction AttorneysThe process of evicting a Chicago tenant is one that is not easy for some landlords to navigate.  The laws, especially municipal laws related to Chicago evictions, are arcane and strict.  The procedure is sometimes confusing.  An experienced landlord-tenant attorney can assist a landlord in bringing a successful eviction action.

To evict a tenant from a residential dwelling unit in Chicago, a landlord must file an eviction lawsuit known as a forcible entry and detainer action.  This kind of lawsuit is governed by the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer Act.  Many Chicagoland tenancies are also governed by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.  As a result, landlords need to be aware of at least two laws that sometimes conflict with one another.

Our team of Chicago tenant eviction lawyers handle forcible entry and detainer actions for all kinds of residential properties in Chicago.  We charge fair and reasonable rates.

Landlords should remember that although the eviction courts for Chicago properties are courts of limited jurisdiction (meaning they pretty much deal only with eviction actions) and are summary in nature (meaning they are supposed to be quick), they do follow much of the legal procedure found elsewhere in the legal system.  Tenants, especially Chicago tenants, have many rights in the eviction process.  Our Chicago eviction attorneys regularly handle the preparations for eviction trials and have the skills required to properly execute an eviction action and obtain an order for possession for our landlord clients.

Contact our Chicago eviction attorneys today.  We handle tenant evictions in Cook County and the Chicagoland area.