Interesting Landlord-Tenant Updates

Well, today was a busy day at City Hall.  The Governor also got into the act.  Here are some quick hits on what happened today.

As expected, today, the City Council passed the Mayor’s Eviction Protection Ordinance.  The Ordinance puts a plan in place for 60 days after Governor Pritzker lifts his ban on evictions (Executive Order 2020-30).  The City’s press release can be found here.

Shortly thereafter, Governor Pritzker said that he would extended the ban on evictions until July 31, 2020 (meaning that the moratorium will now run until the end of September at the earliest).  Hey, we are due for a second wave right around there, right?  I would imagine that a new Executive Order will be signed and posted within the next few days.  We will have that here as soon as it is available.

The Mayor’s Fair Notice ordinance was moved out of the Rules Committee (something that does not happen all that often) and back to the Housing Committee, indicating that it is likely to pass by the full City Council Meeting in July.

Finally, as expected, Alderman Chris Taliaferro brought forward his “Good Cause for Eviction” ordinance which was quickly moved to the Rules Committee.

There is no doubt that the more progressive members of the City Council are becoming frustrated with the Mayor and that the Mayor has the support necessary to continue with her agenda.

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