Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance

The Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance applies to most landlords and tenants (see exclusions) in residential lease situations within the City of Chicago.  Although it is not the only law landlords must obey, it is probably the most important in that it provides tenants with powerful rights against landlords who fail to comply with its provisions and the penalties that are imposed for lessor noncomplainace are severe.  Chicago landlords and tenants should make sure to become familiar with the rights, duties, and obligations of the ordinance.

5-12-010     Title, Purpose and Scope
5-12-020     Exclusions
5-12-030     Definitions
5-12-040     Tenant responsibilities
5-12-050     Landlord’s right of access
5-12-060     Remedies for improper denial of access
5-12-070     Landlord’s responsibility to maintain
5-12-080     Security deposits
5-12-081     Interest rate on security deposits
5-12-082     Interest rate notification
5-12-090     Identification of owner and agents
5-12-095     Tenants’ notification of foreclosure action
5-12-100     Notice of conditions affecting habitability
5-12-101     Bedbugs
5-12-110     Tenant remedies
5-12-120     Subleases
5-12-130     Landlord remedies
5-12-140     Rental agreement
5-12-150     Prohibition on retaliatory conduct by landlord
5-12-160     Prohibition on interruption of tenant occupancy by landlord
5-12-170     Summary of ordinance attached to rental agreement
5-12-180     Attorney’s fees
5-12-190     Rights and remedies under other laws
5-12-200     Severability

Historical Table of Interest Rates