Landlord Notice Drafting

The very first step in the eviction process actually does not involve going to or filing anything in the eviction court.  Instead, before a case can be filed, there is a pre-requisite to going to court.  In almost all cases, a landlord must serve a proper notice of termination of tenancy on a tenant.  There are different types of termination notices and time limits depending on the lease agreement and the reason for the termination.  All notices must be in proper form and served properly in order to be valid.

Reda | Ciprian | Magnone, LLC handles most aspects of the eviction process. We will routinely review your lease and tenancy situation (billed on an hourly basis) and provide services for the preparation of termination notices to tenants (5, 10, or 30 day notices).  To give potential clients a sense of the fee, it is fair to say that the fee for this service generally runs about $137.50 (approximately 30 minutes of attorney time).  Clients who have lots of questions or need extra hand-holding (we are happy to hold hands and provide as much help as is needed) generally will pay more depending upon how much time is spent.