What CAN a landlord in Chicago do?


During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, I’ve been asked perhaps thousands of times in one way or another “what rights does a Chicago landlord have right now”?  The quick answer is VERY FEW.  Nonetheless, such a short answer is trite and unhelpful.  So, maybe we can help to clear things up.  There are a number of laws, local rules, and orders that are governing the situation for landlords in Chicago right now.  I’ve distilled them into a flowchart that might help to untangle the mess.

Below, you’ll find a flow-chart, specific to Chicago (and Cook County if you ignore the part about the Chicago eviction protection ordinance).  It takes into account the current executive order issued by Governor Pritzker, the current general order of Tim Evans from the Circuit Court of Cook County, and the federal CARES Act.  As the flow-chart explains, these laws are changing at a rapid pace, sometimes by the day or the hour, as is mentioned elsewhere here, this blog is NOT LEGAL ADVICE, so PLEASE CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE ACTING.  Now, on to the chart:

If you are a landlord looking for help with a forbearance agreement, seeking for help with drafting or reviewing a lease, or, if you are in the unfortunate situation of having to evict a tenant when the time comes, please feel free to contact us to see if we are a match for an engagement.

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