Looks like we will see a “Just Cause” for Eviction Ordinance Unveiled Monday???

Old Ordinance Makes a Comeback

FURTHER UPDATE: Look at the post above.

UPDATE: It looks like the law proposed will be some form of the mayor’s cooling off period procedure we discussed here a few weeks ago.

Cook County real estate reporter Alex Nitkin (@AlexNitkin) of The Daily Line reports on his twitter feed that Chicago Alderman expect a briefing today on what has been touted as the “Eviction Protection Ordinance” believed by some to be a re-hash of former Alderman Proco Joe Moreno’s “never quite got off the ground” Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance.  Alderman Moreno’s version contained a grab-bag of tenant-favorable items from guaranteed renewal offers, payments for non-renewals, and notice periods related to rent increases (rent control).  It will be interesting to see what the ordinance unveiled on Monday will look like.  It could be the rehash of the old law or it could be something totally new that we haven’t seen before.

It is also interesting that the powers that be don’t want any information about the not-yet-introduced eviction protection ordinance to “leak” from the Aldermen’s briefing.  Maybe we will have more on this before Monday if something breaks.  Hmmmm.  Why would they want to prohibit recorders?

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