Illinois Eviction Moratorium to be Extended Again

Landlord’s Left Wondering Why

Admit it.  You didn’t think he would do it, did you?  You were losing faith.  Well, he sure showed you.  Aided this time by political cover from the Sheriff of Cook County, the Governor Pritzker has indicated that he is going to extend the eviction moratorium that was set to expire over the weekend for an additional 30 days.  So, once again, State and County politicians choose tenants over landlords.  I wonder when the landlords will get some relief.  Will it come before they wind up in foreclosure?  I have clients whose cases were filed BEFORE the moratorium went into effect in April who will not have an initial court hearing until January, 2021.  That’s ridiculous.  Their tenants were served notices long before Covid was on anyone’s radar.  Landlords tired of this nonsense who are considering selling their rental buildings should consider us as a resource to help you navigate all of the crazy landlord tenant laws that affect sellers.

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