Tenant Rights under the CCRTLO

Section 42-805 – Tenant Rights.

Section 805 of the CCRTLO  is entitled “Tenant Rights”.  In this section, we have a laundry list of tenant rights beginning with broad basic concepts and continuing on down to some detailed minutia.  The opposite of rights are duties and these items definitely impose some obligations on landlords that will require them to adjust their leases and leasing practices.

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Rules for Rental Agreements under the CCRTLO

Section 804 – Rental Agreements

After a bit of a break to get landlords back in the game in the fight against rent control, it is finally time to get into the meat of the new Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance (CCRTLO).  We’ll take a look at Section 42-804 which governs leases and rental agreements.  Section 5-12-140 of the CRLTO has a nine point section governing rental agreements but the CCRTLO goes much further.

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Let’s Define Some Terms!

Section 803 – Definitions

In this installment of breaking down the Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance (CCRTLO), we will look at Section 42-803 which defines certain terms under the ordinance.  Okay, I know this one is going to be boring (hence, I’m releasing it on a Friday night and you now have your weekend homework), but there is a silver lining.  Some of these definitions (and the comparison and contrast to definitions in the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (CRLTO)) will foreshadow future differences we will highlight in the CCRTLO as we delve deeper into its requirements in future blog posts.  Let’s begin.

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What is regulated by the Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance?

Section 801 – Title, Purpose & Scope

Let’s start at the beginning.  This will be the first post in a deep dive taking a look at the newly passed Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance (CCRTLO).  As I make my run through the law, understand that I will not necessarily discuss each and every section, but will likely only point out interesting features and facets that might be of note.  Cook County landlord should be well advised that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for reading and understanding this law, front to back, on your own.  I’ll start with the first section. 

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Cook County Commissioners Pass Tenant Landlord Ordinance

Lease Revisions Needed

A new day is dawning for suburban Cook County landlords.  Just today, the Cook County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed the Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance.  While this legislation could have been much worse based on the initial proposed ordinance, it still represents a major and substantial change for suburban landlords.  Luckily, landlord advocates were able to successfully

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