The Current State of Evictions in Cook County

Can we evict?

I get the phonecalls from landlords every day.  “I hear we can evict tenants again – is that true?”  Hmm… that’s a simple question that requires a nuanced answer.  It is true that on October 4, 2021, the eviction moratorium was lifted, but what replaced it is a system that pre-covid landlords (and their attorneys) might not recognize.  A system that was flawed could arguably be said to be purposefully broken.  We couldn’t evict (except in rare circumstances) before the moratorium ended.   Now, with the moratorium lifted, we face a system that seems almost designed to slow the process and is already in need of significant reform.  Here’s a “state of the union” for evictions in Cook County’s 1st district:

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Unbelievable Court Delays in Cook County Eviction Cases

Massive Delays in Cook County Eviction Courts

Are you a landlord with a case pending in the Cook County Circuit Court system?  As noted on this blog, in late July, Judge Kenneth Wright entered an order postponing ALL eviction court dates pending for August appearances.  The County has developed a system to increase the caseload of the eviction judges by 10 cases per judge per day four days a week.  The results of that rescheduling are now being made known and the results are shocking.

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No Cook County Eviction Cases until September?

Cook County Court Issues Guidance on Return to Evictions

On July 27, 2020, Judge Kenneth Wright, Jr. entered a General Order dealing with the current caseload of Cook County eviction cases.  As you know, the Governor’s extension of Executive Order 2020-30 is going to extend the moratorium on evictions to August 22, 2020.  In the order, the court explains how the backlog of already filed and pending eviction cases will be dealt with.

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How does the Cook County Circuit Court shutdown affect evictions?

Eviction Uncertainty?

Covid-19 affects us all.  You have probably seen that the Cook County Circuit Court has postponed most court business for 30 days.  Today marks the last day of “regular business” for the court.  During the period from March 17 through April 15, court business will be scaled back.  What does this mean for landlords and their tenant evictions in Cook County (and some of the surrounding counties)?

The press release from the Circuit Court indicate a few things that seem to impact evictions.

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2017 2018 Cook County Eviction Moratorium Announced

Baby, it’s (NOT) cold outside

for the 2018-2019 moratorium, click here

Well, it’s 61 degrees here in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean your eviction case won’t be delayed at least a tiny bit this holiday season.  On November 21, 2017, Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Presiding Judge of the First Municipal District of the Circuit Court of Cook County issued General Order 2017-01 which sets the dates and terms for the 2017 moratorium on the enforcement of orders for possession in forcible entry and detainer eviction cases in Cook County.  The text of the order is as follows:

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Cook County Eviction Agreed Order Form Becoming More Common

orderIn recent months, the judges in the Forcible Entry and Detainer Department of the First District of the Circuit Court of Cook County have begun suggesting, more and more, that parties before them use the “new” form “Agreed Settlement Order”.  The form, which has been around since early 2013, provides a quicker and easier way to begin a settlement order with a tenant in a Cook County eviction case.

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