CDC Halts Some Evictions until December 31, 2020


If you thought you’ve seen it all, you were wrong. The federal government is in the back in the landlord regulation game.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an order to be published in the Federal Register on September 4, 2020 that places a halt on some (many?) evictions until the end of this year.  They say they want to stem a flood of evictions.  I wonder what they will do to stem the flood of foreclosures.  Many landlords haven’t seen a dime for nine or ten months.  The rules do have an income threshold and only apply in cases of non-payment of rent.  They also seem only to apply in places that don’t already have a moratorium.  I’ll do a deeper dive into this one and the federal extension of the CARES Act-like protections by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shortly.

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