Small Landlord Acts on Eviction Moratorium

Close the Loophole

I was in a meeting today with a landlord who is trying to do something about the Governor’s eviction moratorium.  I listened to this landlord tell a story about how her tenants are doing damage to her property, how her tenants refuse to move, how her tenants won’t even apply for rental assistance.  They are just sitting there in her property.  She has no remedy against them and they know it.  At the same time, she’s lost her job amid the Covid crisis.  She lives out of town and is not renewing her own lease because she can’t afford rent because she can’t support two households.  What is she to do?  Well, she’s trying to do something about it.  At the link, you’ll find a petition wherein she asks the Governor to allow evictions to proceed against tenants who refuse to work with their landlords in any capacity.  This makes quite a bit of sense.  If you want to sign the petition, you can find it here.