Chicago Department of Housing Releases Information on Covid 19 Eviction Ordinance

Language Released

UPDATE: the notice has been released and we are suggesting that landlords also serve the tenant notification as well.

On June 17, 2020, the City of Chicago passed the Covid-19 Eviction Protection Ordinance.  The law provides that the City’s Department of Housing was to prepare a notice that is supposed to accompany any 5 day notice served in Chicago that is governed by the ordinance.  Almost immediately, the City published a word file for tenants so that they can notify their landlord of a Covid-19 impact (as if we needed more proof that the City is always thinking of tenants first).  But what about the letter to accompany a 5 day notice?  There was nothing until just recently.

It’s come to my attention that while a form has still not been issued, the “language”, found under the tenant’s rights section of the City of Chicago website has been approved for the form and the City is still working on formatting the form.  The website in question for Chicago Tenants can be found here.  I’ve also created a “better formatted version” of the information which can be found here.   Until the official notice comes out, should a Chicago Landlord seeking to serve a 5 day notice use this as the form to accompany their notice for nonpayment of rent?  I’m not sure, but it is better than nothing (despite a few inaccuracies about the Governor’s moratorium and the 12 day negotiation period).   Until something better comes out, I will be using the Covid-19 Notice I have prepared for my clients ALONG WITH this notice.


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