Did you know there are two Cook County Sheriff websites?

twositesUPDATE 3/1/18:  This post is no longer correct.  The Sheriff website seems only to exist at cookcountysheriff.org – I am leaving the post up, but the links are NO LONGER UP TO DATE!

I was poking around on the internet today and discovered that you can reach the Cook County Sheriff at two DIFFERENT web addresses!  One is:

http://www.cookcountysheriff.com and the  other is: http://www.cookcountysheriff.org

I did not put a hyperlink in the “.com” version.  Why?  Well, for now, it looks like the eviction schedule on that site is not up to date.  If you go here (as of 1/10/14):  http://www.cookcountysheriff.com/courtservices/CourtServices_EvictionShedule.html you will notice that evictions don’t seem to be scheduled after 12/16/13.  If you go here (as of 1/10/14): http://www.cookcountysheriff.org/courtservices/CourtServices_EvictionShedule.html it seems that evictions are on the schedule for 1/13/14.

Landlords should beware that they are checking the correct site!

Interestingly, www.cookcountysheriff.gov doesn’t get you anywhere!

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