Cook County Sheriff Sending Emails for Scheduled Evictions!

emailnoticeGood news for Cook County landlords.  It looks like evictions are finally scheduled to take place again beginning on January 13, 2014.

In addition, the Sheriff seems to have a new method of notifying landlords of impending eviction enforcement.  I recently received notice via email from the Cook County Sheriff that an eviction was scheduled for execution.  In the good old days, you checked the website and received a telephone call from the Sheriff’s office letting you know when and where you need to be for the eviction.  Looks like Sheriff Dart is making advances in getting the word out electronically for scheduled Cook County evictions. 

The email looked like this:

From: Sheriff Warrants Levies Evictions (Sheriff)Date: XX, XX, XXXX

This is an automated notification that the Eviction(s) you filed is scheduled for enforcement on the date listed in the Subject of this E-mail. You can view the current list of scheduled evictions on the Cook County Sheriff’s Website: When checking the status of your eviction,  you will need to know the District Number and Sheriff’s Receipt Number. In the event that you need to cancel a scheduled eviction, you may visit the Eviction Unit (Room 701 of the Daley Center) or call (312) 603-3354. You may also fax a copy of your Notice to Plaintiff letter with your printed name, signature and today’s date to (312) 603-3312. Cancellations cannot be processed via E-mail. Regards, the Cook County Sheriff’s Eviction Unit.


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