Figuring out what Sheriff’s district you are in for a Cook County Eviction

In a past blog post, I brought my readers through a copy of a typical Cook County Sheriff eviction information letter.  That’s the letter the Sheriff sends to a landlord or landlord’s attorney that contains the Sheriff’s District and Receipt Number.  Lately, my office has not been receiving these notices in the mail.  Recently, we found out on the morning of an eviction that it was proceeding that day.  As such, it is necessary to come up with a way to possibly figure out the district number without the assistance of the letter that may or may not timely arrive in the mail.The best way, I have learned, and this is a rule of thumb and not an official policy, is to merely look at the zip code of the property where the eviction will take place.  The final three numbers of the zip code are usually the same as the Sheriff’s District number.  I can’t guarantee that and I’ve never seen the Sheriff’s district maps to guarantee it, but it is usually the case.

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