Cook County Sheriff changes eviction procedure

NOTE: The form below is NOT the current form.  Please see here.  Landlords placing an eviction with the Cook County Sheriff have a new form to fill out when they place their eviction for execution by the Sheriff.  The form is informational in nature and must be presented to the Sheriff’s office at the same time the eviction fee is paid and the order is placed.  In my opinion, this form (which can be found after the jump) is much improved from previous versions.In the past, the form was two pages, was disjointed, and did not really explain its purpose.  The new form purports to make the placement process more clear for landlords and their attorneys and to provide information the Sheriff’s office is looking for to facilitate the eviction.

of course, you should always verify that you are using the most up to date form

The form provides the landlord or attorney to determine who the Sheriff will call before the eviction and indicates the person who will greet the Sheriff on the day of the eviction.  The form goes on to request information on any occupants in the building who are children, elderly, have mental health conditions, are disabled or have pets.  On the form, the Sheriff’s office indicates that that the information provided will not delay the scheduling of the eviction.  The form also goes on to provide those external reasons when a forcible entry order for possession might be delayed.

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