Details on Mayor’s Proposed Change to 5-12-130(j) Notice of Non-Renewal

Covid-19 Change or Just a Change?

UPDATE: A version of this law has passed the City Council.  Today, May 20, 2020, Mayor Lightfoot has introduced a measure to radically change, dare I say, hundreds of years of common law and forty years of Chicago law with respect to the termination of a lease and/or a tenancy.  These rules may be INSPIRED by Covid-19, but there is no indication that they will be repealed or removed once the threat of the Coronavirus is just a memory.  The proposed ordinance will change the amount of advance notice landlords need to give to tenants to terminate a lease or tenancy and to introduce new requirements that landlords provide relocation assistance (a nice thing to call a payment) to tenants. Let’s take a dive into the proposed law.

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Alderman Moreno is back with a piecemeal version of his prior CRLTO amendments

Ordinance unfairly targeting landlords about to be introduced

If you read this blog, you are certainly aware of the “Good Cause for Eviction” ordinance championed by first ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno in May earlier this year.  Landlords came out in force and Alderman Moreno’s office decided not to introduce the ordinance and instead was going to put together a task force to look at the issues he was proposing.  Now, not more than three months later, it looks like he is ready to propose an amendment to the CRLTO that was contained in the Good Cause for Eviction ordinance.

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Notice of Intent Not to Renew under the CRLTO – when a 30 day notice becomes a 60 day notice

UPDATE: A new version of 5-12-130(j) has passed the City Council.  This article is no longer timely.  As Chicago landlord-tenant attorneys, one situation that we frequently run into is when a Chicago landlord is forced to serve a sixty (60) day notice to terminate tenancy instead of a thirty (30) day notice.  This situation arises when the CRLTO applies and the tenant’s lease term has expired without the landlord serving a proper notice of intent not to renew.  Many Chicago landlord’s incorrectly believe that once a lease term expires, that is the end of the tenancy.  This is not so.

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