Move-out inspections in Illinois and bad faith

movingvan“Moving Week” ends today with a final installment about move-out.  If you have ever seen me at a speaking engagement on landlord-tenant law, you have probably heard me opine about what I think is a great way to manage risk when a tenant moves out.  I think landlords should go out of their way to make sure that they have an opportunity to conduct an in-person move-out inspection walk-through with a tenant.  Personal contact is the key.  The landlord is there.  The tenant is there.  Any damage or lack of damage is mostly obvious and it is pretty darn difficult for a tenant to claim that the door is not broken when both the landlord and the tenant are standing in front of the broken door!

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Illinois landlord tips for move in and move out

landlord tipsTips for Illinois Landlords

This week, I will be focusing on issues related to “moving” in the rental world.  Here’s the first in a series of posts helping landlords deal with move-in and move-out.  As my readers may be aware, I am of the belief that by the time most landlord-tenant matters reach me or any real estate attorney, most of the damage is already done.  Landlords can improve their odds for success in their rental business by instituting policies and procedures that keep landlord-tenant problems out of their lawyers’ hands.  One area where landlords can cut off a problem at the pass in in the area of move-in and move-out.  Here are a few simple tips that can ease the way.

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