Lots going on – Illinois amending Human Rights Act

Illinois Landlords Criminal Screening to Change Drastically

I’ve been away busy most of the summer, but plenty has been going on in Illinois and Chicago and not much of it has been good for landlords.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be back with some quick hits to go over some of the important things that have gone on over the last 120 days.

I’ll start with the State of Illinois legislature’s amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act.  This law prohibits discrimination in real estate transactions, financial transactions, employment, and public accommodations based upon membership in a protected class.  Senate Bill SB1780 has passed both houses of the Illinois legislature and has been sent to Governor Pritzker.  if the law is not vetoed by August 31, 2019, it will pass into law and will be effective beginning January 1, 2020.

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HUD issues fair housing “guidance” on landlord use of criminal background checks

stupidNot good news for Chicago landlords

April is fair housing month and to celebrate, the Office of the General Counsel of HUD has released “Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Act Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate-Related Transactions“.  This little ditty is a wonderful little gift to landlords throughout Chicagoland!  If you think that the application of fair housing to landlord screening procedures was hard before, just wait until you get a load of this one.  Unfortunately, folks, it’s the law (or at least, it’s HUD’s position on how the law will be enforced) and you need only head over to their website to see gleeful press releases related to big dollar settlements with landlords for fair housing violations to see the logical result of noncompliance.  This law applies to private landlords as well as public housing entities.  This one is going to get a bit long, so buckle up.

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Proposed law seeks to impose penalties on landlords for tenant crimes

crimesceneIRPOA urges landlords to contact their representatives

Senate Bill 1547 has passed the Illinois Senate and is being debated in committee tomorrow at 10am in the Illinois House Judiciary Committee.  The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association is asking landlords to contact their representatives to oppose this legislation.  The proposed legislation seeks to allow municipalities to penalize landlords for the “underlying criminal conduct” of their tenants.  Penalties can include fees or fines, revocation, suspension or nonrenewal of a rental permit or license, termination or denial of subsidized housing contracts, and termination or nonrenewal of leases.

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Bellville Illinois added to long list of towns looking to impose crime free leasing standards

bellevilleLong time readers of this blog are well aware that I’m no fan of crime-free leasing addendum and landlord registration programs.  You can add Bellville, Illinois to the list of communities that have or are considering such laws.  Now, Belleville, Illinois (known as the “Capital of Southern Illinois”) is well outside of the geographic area I cover on this blog.  (Please Bellevill-ites, no calls about landlord-tenant law!)  However, this story caught my eye because of an interesting twist on the opposition to the law.  The Belleville News Democrat has a story indicating that the ordinance was to be reviewed by the town’s housing committee yesterday, September 4, 2013, and if approved, will head to the ordinance committee on September 10. If passed by both committees, the law will be up for passage on September 16.  What is pof particular interest is that,

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Update on Skokie multi family licensing ordinance

As I noted a few weeks ago, the Village of Skokie is proposing a new registration law related to multi family rentals.  At their September 4, 2012 meeting, the Skokie village board made amendments to the proposed ordinance for multi-family licensing and tabled the matter until the October 15, 2012 meeting.  This Skokie Review news … Read more

Skokie considers rental registration law for multi-family buildings

See update

As of today (August 30, 2012), other than a “crime free lease” law, the Village of Skokie does not have many specific landlord tenant ordinances.  That could change by next week.  On September 4, 2012, the Village Board will vote on a proposed ordinance to require licenses for multi-unit rental buildings. Two public hearings have already been held regarding the proposed law and although the law has had its share of critics, the Village Pubic Safety Commission has endorsed the ordinance.

The Village indicates that “Licensing of multi-unit buildings is quite common in the Chicago metropolitan area.”  Well, isn’t that swell?  My mother always used to tewll me that two wrongs don’t make a right.  I suspect that if all of Skokie’s friends jumped off of a cliff, Skokie would too.

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St. Charles mulls “crime free addendum”

St. Charles, IllinoisSt. Charles, Illinois is the latest in a long list of Chicago suburbs who either have passed or are contemplating the passage of “crime free lease addendum” legislation.  A story in the Daily Herald indicates that St. Charles city leaders appear to be in favor of the crime free lease addendum law that would create a rental property inspection program and allow for the eviction of tenants who engage in crimes. 

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Governor Quinn signs new eviction legislation SB 1766

On August 2, 2011, Governor Quinn signed into law Senate Bill 1766 which became Public Act 97-0236, a bill opposed by the Chicago Creative Investors Association and the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association.  The law which amends Section 9-120 of the Code of Civil Procedure (the eviction law that deals with a leased premises used in furtherance of a criminal offense), as enacted, purports to provide additional rights to landlords related to crime on a rental premises.  The CCIA makes a number of arguments against the law.

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