Update on SB3066

Covid-19 Legislation stalls

This was a hard-fought battle.  The tenants’ rights advocates are blaming the money paid to state representatives by the real estate industry, but just as likely was in-fighting between City and suburban legislators about how much relief money would go to Chicagoans versus others throughout the state.  The end result is that Rep. Delia Ramirez’ covid-19 eviction moratorium bill will not move forward.

Rep. Ramirez also announced today that she was able to secure $396 Million dollars worth of mortgage and rent assistance in the Illinois budget.  That is a result we can get behind.

But make no mistake, many of those advocating for the changes proposed by this bill and other tenant-favorable policies will likely be energized by this battle and they will surely be back with legislation seeking the repeal of rent control, the extension of termination notice periods, “good cause” for eviction, and a host of other policies that they believe will serve tenants.  Landlords need to remain vigilant in understanding the legal playing field of their business.  They also should continue to seek opportunities to work with tenants and to “give grace” during a time of need.

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