Possible shake-up coming to Illinois eviction procedure

Changes to Illinois Eviction Complaints

UPDATE: see here
The Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice, by way of proposal18-03 (UPDATE: the proposal language is no longer available and merely shows as withdrawn). is proposing a new supreme court rule that would change the basics of an eviction complaint throughout the state.  The rule is set to be heard by the rules committee on March 26, 2018. 

The crux of the rule (1) requires a plaintiff to attach to the complaint a copy of the written eviction notice and proof of service and (2) when an eviction is brought for breach of a lease provision, a plaintiff must attach a copy of the lease or relevant portions of the lease to the eviction complaint.

According to the committee comments, the rule was proposed to the Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice by the Advisory Committee on Pro Se Services in the Circuit Court of Cook County.  The purported policy behind the rule is to “increase efficiency and transparency; diminish the need for discovery of notices, demands and leases; and allow the parties to assess, initially, the purported basis of the termination and adequacy of the service of notices or demands prior to a court appearance”.

My guess is that it will just make complaints thicker!

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