Cook County Sheriff warns that eviction orders might go stale

staleorderEviction enforcement by Sheriff could take longer than 120 Days!

Today (February 4, 2014), the eviction schedule website for the Cook County Sheriff includes an ominous additional warning.  Landlords in eviction lawsuits are being advised that because of the number of days evictions have been cancelled due to adverse weather, many orders for possession will expire before the Sheriff can get around to enforcing them.  A copy of the warning on the website is found below:

sheriffwarningEviction orders for possession are valid for 120 days after the court enters its judgment.  Do the math.  One hundred twenty days divided by seven is 17.14 weeks.  That’s quite a delay!  Obviously, Sheriff Dart is not saying it will take 17 weeks to evict, but he is warning that it is possible.  With evictions cancelled again today and more cold weather on the horizon, landlords need to be aware of the very real possibility for delay and need to be ready to extend their judgments when necessary to avoid an even longer delay!


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