Quick Q&A: When does the Cook County sheriff work for evictions?

qaDoes the Cook County Sheriff evict on weekends?  No.

When do Cook County evictions take place?  Weekdays between 8am and 2pm.  Evictions are scheduled on the Sheriff’s website based on Sheriff’s receipt number and district number.  Landlords typically find out about an eviction about 1-2 business days in advance.


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  1. My son and daughter in law have been renting a home from me for about 5 years . Rents never been payed in time any way the last year thing have been hard and they have paid no rent. They are now filing for divorce my son moved out, but I can not get my daughter in law to move out . What can I do?

    • Without knowing more, I can’t say for sure, but it sounds like there is an oral month to month tenancy which would be terminated by service of a proper 30 day notice. Consult an attorney before taking action as this is not legal advice upon which you can rely.

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