Free Chicagoland building energy analysis

According to the Chicago Gazette, Community Investment Corporation and CNT Energy are offering an “Energy Savers” program to landlords that includes a free energy audit.  According to the CIC website, the program is available to qualifying multifamily rental buildings of five or more units in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake, County, McHenry County, or Will County or the City of Rockford.  Landlords can find out more about the program at CNT Energy or Community Investment Corporation.

4 thoughts on “Free Chicagoland building energy analysis”

  1. In illinois can a tenant change locks without permission . Refuses to give key to landlord and hasn’t paid rent since april . Lease up 9/20/2012

    • A tenant may not change locks without permission. Some tenants barricade themselves in. Landlord-tenant is a more sophisticated and crazy area of law than people realize.

    • Nope. The failure to pay rent gives cause for a 5 day notice. The unauthorized lock change probably gives cause for a 10 day notice.

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