Illinois Bad Landlord’s beware! Attorney General to fund legal assistance

Remember that money the State of Illinois won in the robo-signing lawsuit against the nation’s big banks?  Well, that money seems to have found a home, and Illinois landlords may not like it. 

The Daily Herald is reporting today that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has announced that “the $20 million the state received from a national foreclosure settlement will be used to help homeowners and renters affected by the foreclosure crisis” and that “the money will be given to legal assistance programs that in turn will provide access to the justice system for homeowners and renters”.

The details of the plan are not discussed, but more money to legal assistance groups means more eviction defense and the assertion of more tenant’s rights.

In the story, the Attorney General “says helping families keep their homes will create a “domino effect” that will benefit not only surrounding communities but the entire economy.”  That might be right.  Then again, if the legal services allow tenants an additional opportunity to stall or delay an eviction, that will create a domino effect that leaves a landlord with a path toward his own foreclosure.

More than ever, Landlords need to be on their toes and need to comply with the laws so that tenant’s don’t get an opportunity to catch them flat-footed.  Is it time to review that old lease?  Probably.



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