2011 Illinois Landlord Tenant Law Year in Reviw

2011 was an interesting year in landlord tenant law. While the “shake-up” in new CRLTO law took place in 2010, 2011 was a year full of new state laws regulating landlords and leases. We have a statewide crime free lease law and, beginning in 2011, landlords will have to include Radon disclosures and comply with the lock change statute.

We also saw many changes – for the better – from the Cook County Sheriff. Wait times have been reduced from an unacceptable 15 to 16 weeks down to a very tidy 2 to 3 weeks. The most recent Sheriff’s placement form continues to be revised for the better. I will be interested to see the results of the winter moratorium, but I am hopeful right now that the wait times will not leave December eviction enforcement until late February.

If my caseload is any indication, 2011 was definitely a year of increased CRLTO activity. Tenants are smarter about their rights and are not afraid to enforce them. Landlords are reacting by continuing the trend toward foregoing security deposits in favor of nonrefundable processing fees and revamping their leases and procedures to maintain compliance with the laws.

If 2011 is any indication, 2012 will bring more than a few twists and turns. Stay tuned here in the coming year for more useful information.

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