When will Cook County Sheriff’s case load return to normal?

I am working on an eviction case right now that needed to be placed with the Cook County Sheriff for execution.  The attorney who went to the Sheriff’s office to place it spoke to someone at the desk there (I know, hearsay) who informed him that the Sheriff is running at about a ten week minimum time to get out to evict the defendant in the case.  Ten weeks is a long time.  Unfortunately, we are used to a ten week wait around the holidays.  Things usually level out a bit after Christmas.  I don’t know exactly what the issue is at this time, but I suspect that the increased number of evictions related to foreclosures along with financial problems the economy has caused for tenants probably has led to an increased number of evictions.  Landlords would be well advised to anticipate long waiting times for evictions from here on out.  Hopefully, things will improve as we head into the summer months.

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