Cook County Sheriff eviction information letter

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the procedures at the Cook County Sheriff for enforcing court entered residential eviction orders.  In that article, I indicated that a few weeks after paying the Sheriff the eviction service fee, his office would send a letter in the mail with the district number and sheriff’s number on it.  (UPDATE: you can also learn the Sheriff’s district by taking the last three digits of the zip code of the property address to be evicted).  From there, a lessor must check the Sheriff’s website daily to match up the numbers to find out when the eviction will take place.  I wanted to show what that letter currently looks like (after the jump).I’ve redacted some confidential information from the letter, but, as you can see, the letter is straightforward enough.

Once the lessor has this letter, it is still a waiting game and the lessor will have to follow the balance of the Sheriff’s eviction procedures, but, the process is a step closer to being over.

If you are a lessor and need help with the legal process involved in a Sheriff’s eviction, please feel free to give us a call and we can see if we are a match to represent you.

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