Brrr…. cold weather gives tenants a reprieve

The Cook County Sheriff is indicating today that because of the cold weather, evictions for today are canceled and will be rescheduled.  There is no word on tomorrow’s schedule yet, but chances are, until this cold front is gone, expect that the Sheriff will be unable to get out to remove tenants.

That does not mean, however, that the Circuit Court is not proceeding with eviction cases.  When people hear about the winter moratorium or general orders prohibiting evictions in cold weather, they mistakenly assume that this means that the court will not act on an eviction.  Actually, it is only the enforcement of the eviction order that is delayed by winter conditions.

It is rarely a good idea for a landlord to “hold off” on beginning the eviction process.  The process is long and there are plenty of opportunities to be slowed down before completion.  Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting the information needed and exploring the possibility of beginning the eviction process.  Check out our website here or here for more information.

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