Oak Park Village Code 12-1-7 Heat and Heating Facilities

Chapter 12 Housing Article 1 Housing Code Regulations

12-1-7-1 Duty to Furnish Heat

Every dwelling unit or rooming unit shall have heating facilities which are properly installed, are maintained in safe and good working condition and are capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms, bathrooms and water closet compartments to a temperature of sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit (68°F) at a distance of two (2) to five feet (5′) above floor level when the outside temperature is minimum ten degrees Fahrenheit (10°F).

Every owner or operator who owns or operates any dwelling or rooming house in which the heat is furnished from a heating plant used in common for the purpose of heating the various dwelling units or rooming units therein, and such heating plant is under the control or supervision of such owner or operator, shall furnish heat to such dwelling units or rooming units from September 15 of each year to June 1 of the succeeding year.

12-1-7-2 Minimum Heat Requirements

A minimum temperature of sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit (68°F) from six thirty o’clock (6:30) A.M. to eleven o’clock (11:00) P.M. and sixty five degrees Fahrenheit (65°F) from eleven o’clock (11:00) P.M. to six thirty o’clock (6:30) A.M. averaged through any dwelling unit or rooming unit shall be maintained without undue restriction of ventilation as to interfere with proper healthful conditions.

12-1-7-3 Manner of Determining Temperatures

For the purpose of determining whether the temperature in any dwelling unit or rooming unit heated as required by sections 12-1-7-1 and 12-1-7-2 of this article has been attained, temperature readings shall be made under the supervision of the Director of Code Administration by means of a standard Fahrenheit/centigrade thermometer approved by the Director of Code Administration in not less than two (2) separate rooms in such dwelling unit, or if the dwelling unit consists of only one room and in the case of a rooming house, then in two (2) opposite parts of the room as near the extremes as practicable, such thermometer to be placed at a point not less than two feet (2′) nor more than five feet (5′) above the floor of any such room or dwelling unit, and at least four feet (4′) away from any outside wall.

12-1-7-4 Improper Heating Equipment

Gas or electric appliances designed primarily for cooking or water heating purposes and portable heating equipment employing flame and the use of liquid or coal shall not be considered as heating facilities within the meaning of this section 12-1-7.

12-1-7-5 Location of Heating Equipment

Heating plants designed or intended to serve one or more dwelling units shall not be located in a habitable room.