Oak Park Village Code 12-3-11 Mandatory Lease Provisions

Article 3
Licensing and Inspection of Multiple-family Dwellings

12-3-11 Mandatory Provisions in Lease Agreements Within the Village

All leases and applications for leases of dwelling units shall contain the information set forth in subsection A below, and all leases and applications for leases of dwelling units which are newly executed and/or renewed on or after October 1, 1991 shall contain the information set forth in subsections B through E below:

A. Night parking is prohibited on all Village streets from two thirty o’clock (2:30) A.M. to six o’clock (6:00) A.M. and the lessee is responsible for providing off-street parking for the lessee’s vehicle during those hours to the extent such parking is not provided by the lessor.

B. The specific unit number of the dwelling unit to be leased.

C. The maximum occupancy of the dwelling unit to be leased as established by the owner and/or operator of the dwelling unit. The owner and/or operator shall not, however, set forth a maximum occupancy in any such lease or lease application which exceeds the maximum occupancy for the dwelling unit established by Section 12-1-6 of the Village Code and set forth in the annual building inspection report provided to every multiple-family dwelling building owner or operator by the Code Enforcement Department of the Village on an annual basis.

D. The full names and birth dates of all occupants of the dwelling unit leased or to be leased under the lease agreement. The individual occupancy of the dwelling unit may not be changed without an amendment to the existing lease agreement reflecting the change in occupancy and shall in no case exceed the maximum occupancy set forth in Section 12-1-6 of this Code.

E. The name and phone number of an agent of the building owner or management who, in emergency situations, will be accessible to tenants on a twenty four (24) hour per day basis and capable of reasonably and effectively responding to tenant needs in such situations.

It shall be the responsibility of the lessor to set forth the information required herein in the lease agreement. Any lease not containing the information required herein shall be voidable by the lessee.