COVID 19 Eviction Protection Ordinance Set to Expire

Ordinance Protection Expired?

Will it happen?  Has it happened?  Will it stick?  Who knows? I would not put it past the powers that be.  What am I talking about?  The Chicago Covid 19 eviction protection ordinance is set to expire by its own terms.  Could the Governor do something this weekend to somehow extend the executive order providing eviction protections?  Probably not.  The protections in that last order were extended on August 20, 2021 and expired October 3, 2021.  The Chicago COVID 19 Eviction Protection Ordinance extended its provisions for 60 days beyond that date.

Doing some quick math, I think yesterday was day 60 and so today, the ordinance should no longer be in force.  I’m going to say that to be on the safe side, I’d wait until after the weekend, but in theory, landlords should now have the right to serve a 5 day notice without attaching the additional disclosures required by the ordinance.  It looks like we are almost back to the “new normal” but with Omicron and cases rising and the Governor now telling us we will need to mask up for Christmas, I’m not holding my breath.