Renewed Rent Control Threat

Illinois Landlords – Act Fast

What could be better for Illinois landlords than a year-long eviction moratorium after a global pandemic?  Rent Control!  That’s right.  Representative Will Guzzardi is back AGAIN with House Bill 116 – attempting to repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act.  If passed, the law prohibiting the imposition of rent control would be overturned and places like Chicago, Cook County, or the whole State of Illinois could freely pass rent control laws.

We’ve seen some of those attempts at rent control laws.  In almost every instance, they are overreaching.  Study after study shows the disastrous effects of rent control policy.  A few weeks back, an article on The Daily Line made some interesting points about the documented ill-effects of rent control.

Landlords who oppose rent control and who oppose this legislation can file witness slips in opposition with the State legislature until tonight.