CALL TO ACTION: Call your Alderman and the Mayor

Chicago landlords, Act Now!

You’ve probably been reading over the past 24 hours about an ordinance affecting landlord-tenant law that a Chicago Alderman is allegedly threatening to introduce to the City Council next week.  I have been in contact with a source who is close to the situation who has informed me that this is the time to act.

The ordinance we have seen is a serious threat to Illinois eviction jurisprudence in Chicago forcible entry and detainer cases, will likely reduce the value of rental real estate in Chicago, creates new red-tape for landlords, contains unfair provisions, and is a major threat to property ownership and property management in Chicago.

So, what can you as a landlord do?

Call your Alderman.  Call the Mayor.  Let them know that you do not support any form of a “Good Cause” requirement on rentals in Chicago.  Make your voice heard on this issue.  Landlords cannot be expected to run their rental businesses under these circumstances.  This link will provide you with the identity and contact information for your alderman.  This link provides the Mayor’s website.