Presented my seminar to a group of @properties agents

One of my favorite activities for professional development is to speak to different groups about landlord tenant issues.  On a semi-regular basis, I speak to real estate agents about their role in residential rental transactions and what real estate agents need to know about the laws of Chicago and Illinois in order to keep their landlord clients happy, informed, and out of trouble.  I gave one such presentation today to a group of interested and inquisitive agents for @properties.

The landlord tenant law of Chicago is arcane, technical, and sometimes makes no sense.  When I speak on the topic of the CRLTO, I always find it interesting that the attendees begin with wide-eyed surprise and sometimes even anger about the state of the law.  That stance quickly softens and the group can engage in a pretty interesting discussion of landlord practices and procedures.

The CRLTO is real, it is serious, and it needs to be complied with.  Landlords and landlord agents must know it and comply with it.

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