Cook County Sheriff issues another revised disclosure form

I have previously discussed the form that must be filed with the Cook County Sheriff when an order for possession is placed with his office for enforcement.  For whatever reason, the form has been slightly amended.  More after the break.The form adds some interesting features, such as the landlord providing an email address and the option for text messaging notifications. Although some landlords may bristle at giving this information to the Sheriff, I think it is a good step and will lead to less “missed” evictions and misunderstandings as communication between the landlord and the Sheriff’s office will hopefully be improved.

The form has a revised section dealing with mortgage foreclosure issues.

At item #10, the form requests information from the landlord, to the best of the landlord’s knowledge, about the occupants and whether or not they are minors, elderly, or people that have disabilities.  The form moves the disclosure that “THIS INFORMATION IS FOR OFFICER SAFETY AND FOR POSSIBLE REFERRAL FOR SERVICES AND WILL NOT BE USED TO DELAY THE SCHEDULING OF YOUR EVICTION” from a bit later on in the document.  Hopefully, this is true and the apparent delays that seemed to occur (from anecdotal evidence only) when referral services seemed to be involved will not be a part of the Sheriff’s future procedures.

The form adds in an area where a landlord can add information about anything on site that may compromise officer safety.

Minor changes, to be sure, but hopefully, changes for the better.  The form can be found as follows:

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