Cook County Sheriff’s eviction leads to drug bust!

Well, chalk one up for the Cook County Sheriff and a landlord that had to do what had to be done.  A story in the Glenview Patch tells the story of a Cook County Sheriff’s eviction gone right.  As I have mentioned before – there is no telling what will happen when the Sheriff comes calling to execute an Order for Possession. 

In this case, it seems that the Sheriff came to the property to enforce the court’s possession order.  When the people inside failed to come to the door, the Sheriff’s office knocked in the door with a battering ram.  I have heard of this happening before.  Sheriff’s officers have no way to know what is going on inside a property and sometimes need to take forceful action to assure their own safety.

Inside the property, the Sheriff found $40,000 worth of drugs and a number of weapons.  The eviction resulted in a number of arrests.

Crazy things can happen during an eviction.  I have heard stories of altercations with tenants, the discovery of “hoarder” houses, the need for police to draw weapons, and broken down doors and windows.

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